Clean Water Program







Water is life! We support programs that provide access to clean water and educate Dominicans about the importance of clean water for the prevention of diseases and the safe use and collection of water.

The vision

The mobile filter system can be used limitless on the globe. Therefore, if you want this device to reach the people with the greatest gaps in care, this technology will help improve the lives of those in need.

Among the positive health effects is still the economic, energy-saving and ecological aspect to emphasize. Otherwise, for the possible water heating u.a. the forest-destroying charcoal is produced and used. Unobjectionable drinking water qualities are rare in many regions or often only given by “central suppliers” due to high chlorination.


  • Mobile unit
  • Membrantank for the production of clear, sterilized water
  • Filters rainwater, as well as surface water to drinking water
  • processing capacity up to 1600 l / day
  • does not need electricity
  • Usable anywhere, except in freezing temperatures
  • Simple cleaning
  • Ideal for abroad.
  • Ecoated for places with poor infrastructure
  • Easy to transport


Help and fund a Water Project

Through your support we invest in proven partners who are drilling fresh water wells, providing sanitation and hygiene training and constructing other sustainable water projects.

We show every donor the specific impact of their gifts through photos, short stories and GPS map coordinates of every project.

We follow up, monitor and evaluate the projects you support to help ensure our shared work has a long-term impact.

We believe that every supporter can be part of the story of water by learning, acting, giving and then seeing the difference they make.

We’re looking for willing hands…are you ready?